What Is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

What Is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

While temporary, baby teeth are actually immensely crucial and are very vulnerable to tooth decay, also known as childhood caries or baby bottle tooth decay. Kids require healthy and strong teeth for talking, chewing their food, and flashing a great smile. Likewise, their baby teeth help ensure that their permanent teeth come in properly. It is vital to start kids off with proper oral hygiene to help safeguard their teeth until adulthood and beyond.

If you have any concerns about your baby’s teeth, you can consult with your family dentistry professional, here at Padonia Dental Associates in Cockeysville, MD, Dr. Rodrigo Vallar, Dr. Ranju Bhasin, Dr. Richa Dutta, or Dr. Youngsook Chae, for advice. Until then, find out more about baby bottle tooth decay here.

Possible Causes of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Tooth decay in kids could be caused by various factors. The most common cause is prolonged and regular exposure to sugary drinks and foods. In most cases, it could develop when your baby drinks milk in a bottle while being put to sleep, or when your baby uses a baby bottle as a pacifier.

Additionally, tooth decay could develop due to bacteria that cause the formation of cavities being passed from other people like parents or primary caregivers, for instance. They can be passed via the saliva, for example, when someone uses the same eating utensils simultaneously as the baby. Likewise, when your child doesn’t get sufficient fluoride intake, this elevates the risk of your child developing baby bottle tooth decay. Fortunately, decay can be prevented.

Top Tips to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

  • Always wipe your baby’s gums with a damp and clean washcloth or gauze pad after eating. Once their teeth erupt, brush them thoroughly, but gently, with an age-appropriate toothpaste and toothbrush.
  • Once your baby’s first tooth comes in, schedule his or her first dental checkup with your family dentistry professional in Cockeysville, MD.
  • Supervise your child’s oral hygiene routine until he or she can swallow and spit out toothpaste.
  • Make sure that your child finishes his or her naptime or bedtime milk bottles prior to sleeping.
  • Use bottles only for breast milk, milk, or formula, and never for soft drinks and juice.
  • Encourage your child to consume healthy foods and stay away from sugary and starchy foods and drinks.

For More Tips and Tricks About Caring For Your Child’s Oral Health, We Can Help

Arrange a visit here at Padonia Dental Associates in Cockeysville, MD, with your family dentistry professional, Dr. Rodrigo Vallar, Dr. Ranju Bhasin, Dr. Richa Dutta, or Dr. Youngsook Chae, by calling (410) 560-1400.

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